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Osteoporosis & Oral Health

Posted on 12/5/2022 by Advanced Dental Associates
Osteoporosis & Oral HealthOsteoporosis affects the bone and the bones become weak and can easily break. Oral health has a connection with osteoporosis since this condition can weaken the jawbones and can trigger gum disease and periodontal disease and also loss of teeth. Our dental team will ensure that we give you the oral health that you deserve and make sure that you have a bone-graft procedure if the jawbone is affected by osteoporosis.

Jawbone and osteoporosis

The osteoporosis condition has a great impact on the jaws that support the teeth. When you have a low bone density in the jaw which is triggered by osteoporosis this can lead to dental issues like loss of teeth. This can also make the dentures lose and if you have any dental implants they are likely to come off too.


Regular dental visits are one way to ensure that osteoporosis is corrected. Any issue that is connected to weak bones will be corrected early enough when you have regular dental visits. If you desire to have a healthy lifestyle then you need to have strong bones, teeth, and gums. This will mean that you need to maintain a healthy diet that has lots of calcium, Vitamin D and this will help in building strong bones. Avoid intake of alcohol and also avoid smoking cigarettes for this lowers your immune system.

Our dental team is ready to conduct dental exams to give you healthy teeth, jawbones and ensure that the osteoporosis condition is detected early to avoid future health hazards. Visit us now and book an appointment for a dental check-up.
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