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Understanding the Benefits of Panoramic X-rays

Posted on 4/10/2019 by Advanced Dental Associates
Understanding the Benefits of Panoramic X-raysA panoramic x-ray is an innovative imaging technique that creates a single image of your entire mouth.

This includes the lower and upper jaws, the teeth, the sinuses, the nasal area, and the temporomandibular joint. This image offers a flat representation of a curved structure, and its use in the field of dentistry offers many great benefits.

A Speedy Process

Panoramic x-raying is extremely fast when compared to traditional dental x-rays. There are fewer steps involved, as the patient will simply bite onto a grooved bite block. Images are available for viewing within seconds.

Diagnose More Issues

Dental researchers have found that panoramic x-rays can help to diagnose more oral problems than traditional x-rays. Specifically, posterior cavities were detected more frequently with panoramic x-rays than traditional bitewings. Panoramic images also provide better coverage for pathological jaw lesions, periapical lesions, and jaw bone defects than bitewings.

Less Radiation

While traditional dental x-rays weren't high in radiation to begin with, panoramic x-rays further lower the rate of exposure. Panoramic bitewings can cut a radiation dose by up to 40% when compared to traditional bitewings.

Improved Comfort

With traditional dental x-rays, you may have had to stand up in a separate room in order to have the images taken. With panoramic x-rays, you can have the images completed from the comfort of the dental chair. This allows for improved comfort throughout the process.

Allows for Early Detection

A panoramic x-ray provides a comprehensive view of the mouth, and this allows us to spot dental issues earlier than ever. Early detection usually results in minimally invasive treatment options, as opposed to diagnosing the issue later in its progression. This can ultimately save you – the patient – money in the long run.

Do you have questions about panoramic x-rays or wonder if they might benefit your dental health? If so, please give our office a call today.
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