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Should Adults Consider Getting Sealants?

Posted on 5/20/2019 by Advanced Dental Associates
Should Adults Consider Getting Sealants?You probably know how common dental sealants are among children, but did you know that we might also recommend them for adults? There are some situations in which sealants can benefit your oral health even later in life. Read on to find out more.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Before discussing whether adults should consider dental sealants, it is important that you fully understand what sealants are. Sealants are protective coverings that work to fight off tooth decay. They are especially helpful during the cavity-prone years of adolescence, and they have been known to reduce childhood decay by 70%.

Application of a dental sealant is easy and painless. The surface of the tooth is cleaned, and an acidic gel is used to roughen the surface. Then, the tooth is rinsed again and dried thoroughly before the sealant is applied. A blue light is used to harden the sealant so that it attaches firmly to the tooth.

Should Adults Consider Sealants?

Adults can get cavities too, so many adults question whether they should also pursue dental sealants. It is certainly an option for adults, although we may not routinely recommend sealants to our adult patients.

However, if you are at an especially high risk for cavities far back in your molars, we might suggest sealants to fill in the grooves or rigid that could trap plaque, bacteria, and food particles.

With age, it may become harder to care for your teeth, and this is another scenario where we might recommend sealants. Some older people experience arthritis and dexterity issues that make it hard to clean the back molars. To protect those teeth from decay, a sealant may be beneficial. Likewise, if you suffer from a medical condition like dry mouth, diabetes, or heart disease, and your oral health is more sensitive, dental sealants may be recommended.

Do you think dental sealants might be right for you? If so, call our office today to learn more.
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