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Is Mouthwash Able to Improve the Health of Your Gums?

Posted on 6/22/2020 by Advanced Dental Associates
Is Mouthwash Able to Improve the Health of Your Gums?Like almost anything else, this question is answered by what type of product you use. Not only do the quality and ingredients of the mouthwash matter, but so does the purpose for which you buy it. Mouthwashes are available for two different tasks; therapeutic and cosmetic. For those who only want the increased brightness and vibrancy after a meal or a cup of coffee, cosmetic mouthwash is what they are after. But this article is working from the premise of whether therapeutic brands are actually beneficial to gum health. Here is a further look:

Look for Health Benefits

If all that the bottle lists is how beautiful your smile will be afterwards, we have already established that this is probably a cosmetic rinse, but what about the therapeutic versions? The fact is that they go all the way from formulated for dry mouth to working for 24 hours. What we need to decide is what do we really need in terms of a healthy and beneficial mouthwash? It needs to be anti-cavity, for starters. It also needs to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria. Anything else it lists as a health benefit may or may not be necessary for your particular oral health.

Not a Substitute for Brushing or Flossing

Many folks work under the false assumption that a good mouthwash can act as a replacement for brushing or flossing, especially after a meal. We want to be clear that this is never the case. Rinsing with any oral health liquid is merely another tool in your at-home dental health care routine.

And regardless of how regimented that routine may be, none of it can replace the need for regular dental visits. If you are due for your next checkup, please stop by our offices or call to schedule an appointment.
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