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Does Tea Help or Hinder Your Oral Health?

Posted on 7/23/2020 by Advanced Dental Associates
Does Tea Help or Hinder Your Oral Health?Tea is the second most-popular drink in the world – bested only by water. It's been so for over 3,000 years. But that doesn't necessarily imply that tea can only be benign to your oral health. Like every other thing in life, moderation and quality are vital.

If used properly, tea imbues your mouth with essential nutrients and antioxidants that inhibit the growth of bacteria and plaque. Tea can also help inhibit the symptoms of inflammation to promote a quick recovery from dental problems.

However, in excessive quantities, tea can cause issues like teeth discoloration. Read on to find out how best to explore the oral health potentials of tea.

How Tea Can Help Your Oral Health

Tea is one of the healthiest beverages for your mouth because it doesn't cause dry mouth, bad breath, or increased acidity like alcoholics and dairy products. The results of several studies confirm the benign effects of tea on oral health. In 2013, researchers were able to show that green tea contains compounds that suppress the growth of dangerous bacteria which cause various oral problems like periodontitis, mouth odor, cavities, etc. Later in 2016, a study identified antimicrobial molecules called “catechins” in green tea, which are highly effective in repressing the growth of a wide range of harmful bacteria.
What's more, studies also show that tea stimulates saliva production, which also helps wash off bacteria and neutralize acid levels in the mouth. The cumulative effects of tea all lead to healthier gums and whiter teeth in the long run.

Some Precautions

However, when you consume tea excessively, some side effects might end up eclipsing the benefits. For one, tea is one of the common culprits of teeth discoloration. The key to enjoying the benefits without the bane is moderation.

Call us to get more personalized advice on how best to explore the oral health benefits of tea and other beverages.

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