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Things You Eat or Drink You May Not Realize Are Acidic

Posted on 8/10/2020 by Advanced Dental Associates
Things You Eat or Drink You May Not Realize Are AcidicPeople are particular about what they eat and drink so that they can stay healthy. Many people carefully craft out a diet plan so that they can avoid fatty foods and look good. Some people even avoid consuming sweets so they can take care of their dental health. However, sweets aren't the only thing you should stay away from if you want to have healthy teeth.

Acidic foods and drinks can cause a lot of damage to your teeth if you don't rinse and clean your mouth properly after consuming them. Things that you least suspect could have very high acid content so make sure you know what goes into your mouth because it doesn't just take a toll on your body but it has a lot to do with your oral health as well.

Understanding Acidic Foods

Some foods are simple to judge in terms of their acidic content. These include common acidic foods like citrus, aerated drinks, hard candy, and fruit juice. Other food items have smaller traces of acid such as sports drinks, wine, bread, and alcohol.

While you cannot completely avoid all acidic foods, you can control the amount you consume and also ensure that you clean your mouth thoroughly after consumption. If you clean your mouth well then the acid will not react badly with your teeth, but if you don't, it can erode the enamel on your teeth, and this results in tooth sensitivity and also tooth decay.

Apart from eroding enamel and causing tooth decay, acidic foods can also affect the overall structure of your teeth and you could end up with weaker roots and loose teeth. If you have a cavity and you consume a lot of acidic foods or drinks, that cavity could get bad very fast and it can then result in severe tooth decay in no time.

If you want to keep your mouth healthy and safe, learn how to curb the acid attack by getting in touch with our experts today.
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