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How You Can Set the Right Dental Example for Your Family

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Advanced Dental Associates
How You Can Set the Right Dental Example for Your FamilyAs a parent, there are several ways you can set the right dental example for your family. Kids are especially keen on emulating how you take care of your teeth. This is why it is important to practice high oral hygiene standards around them.

How You Can Set the Right Standards

If you want your family to practice good dental hygiene, you should lead by example. As a parent, you typically set examples for your family in everything you do. Just like establishing healthy eating habits, a good dental routine is important for your family. You should let your family know the importance of brushing teeth regularly and properly. Kids need special attention to ensure that they are brushing correctly. Make it a habit to brush with them and ensure that they are doing it correctly. Therefore, apart from setting a good example, you should show them how it is done.

Teenagers and adults in your family already know how to brush their teeth, but this doesn't mean that you should ignore them. You can show them the importance of flossing and how it is done. Good dental hygiene doesn't only revolve around cleaning but also what we eat. Therefore, you can influence older members of your family to eat healthy foods for dental health. You can encourage them to consume dairy products and other foods rich in calcium. By doing so, you will help them maintain healthy teeth.

One common problem parents' face with kids is a lack of consistency in brushing their teeth. This is because kids are forgetful and it is hard for them to maintain good oral health. As a parent, you need to set the right dental example by constantly reminding them to do so. Contact our offices for more information on how you can set the right dental example for your family.
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