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Ways Setting Aspirin on Your Gums Can Lead to Damage

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Advanced Dental Associates
Ways Setting Aspirin on Your Gums Can Lead to DamageOrally ingesting aspirin to reduce a fever and relieve mild pain is highly appropriate. When a toothache strikes it's good to reach for aspirin. It can reduce the pain and swelling as well if present. This everyday pain killer is also known as acetylsalicylic acid. We advise you to ingest aspirin orally instead of setting it on your gums as it is an acid.

Does an Aspirin Work Topically?

Aspirin works by blocking the production of prostaglandins. This cell regulates the pain and inflammation in your body. When aspirin blocks those cells, you do not feel the pain and inflammation in your mouth. Aspirin is a beneficial over the counter medicine, which helps with many common aches and pains. It may be the most versatile and least expensive drug on the market.

Take aspirin orally with food. It should not be taken on an empty stomach. Drink a full glass of water with your aspirin to prevent an upset stomach. Aspirin may be swallowed or chewed, but do not set it on your aching gums. It is an acid and can hurt your gums if placed on your gums for any period of time. When it is absorbed in your bloodstream, it is most effective. Aspirin is not a topical medication, but best ingested with food for maximum relief.

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