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What to Expect from a Child's First Dental Visit

Posted on 12/23/2021 by Advanced Dental Associates
What to Expect from a Child's First Dental VisitHandling children needs experience and know-how. When it comes to oral health, children need constant attention and care. Bringing in your child for a dental visit is very important for their oral health. We recommend that you bring your child within six months of the first teeth erupting. During the first visit, you should expect a wide range of activities.

What to Expect

On the first dental visit, we will provide you with information on various factors that could affect your child's oral health. For instance, we will share information on baby bottle tooth decay that tends to develop to improper use of the baby bottle. We will also enlighten you on infant practices and how they impact your child. Furthermore, our experts will share information on pacifier habits, teething, and finger-sucking habits. All this information is meant to improve your ways of handling your child's oral health.

Before coming in, you must prepare your child for this meeting. You should make morning appointments when your child is fresh and alert. If your child is old enough, prepare them psychologically by telling them what to expect. You let them understand why it is essential to go to the dentist. You need to be careful when conveying this information because children get afraid quickly. Try to create excitement about the visit and let them know it is meant to improve their smile.

Apart from preparing your child, it would help if you also prepared yourself. Make sure that you discuss all your questions and concerns with us. Keep in mind that how you feel towards dental visits is different from your child's. You need to give your honest view and let us assess your child's oral health. If you tend to have dental anxieties, be careful not to show them in front of your child. Instead, you should remain calm and provide moral support to your child while in the dental exam room. Get in touch with us for more information on children's dental visits.
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