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Permanent Denture Methods Pros & Cons

Posted on 1/24/2022 by Advanced Dental Associates
Permanent Denture Methods Pros & ConsThe advancements in science and technology have been excellent for providing effective solutions to patients suffering from different kinds of oral problems. When you come to our facility, for instance, you will get examined using modern and sophisticated techniques. These are vital in ensuring that we identify and diagnose your oral problems. In this, we will be able to structure a personalized treatment plan for you. A customized treatment plan is important in ensuring that you recover properly and also ensure that the problem does not recur. Permanent denture methods are one of these modern treatments that we use at our clinic.

What are Permanent Dentures

Permanent denture methods are excellent for people looking to replace a missing or lost tooth. You will not have to live with missing teeth. With permanent dentures, you will be able to enjoy a perfect and bright smile. These are used to replace the full arch of your teeth and are made from acrylics of the highest quality to create false teeth and gums. these are then supported using dental implants placed before you get the dentures.


Permanent dentures are preferable due to the benefit they offer to our patients. For instance, the implants used are smaller in size which will therefore require shorter incisions and quick recovery time. You will also be able to speak and eat without any complications arising. Because of the support offered by the implants, permanent dentures distribute biting and chewing more evenly. Many patients also like the idea that they are easy to maintain and durable.


You can feel a little discomfort after the surgery which should go away after a few days. The irritation or infections that can arise, can get treated by our dentists for optimal oral health.

Visit us to get an examination and get comprehensive care. We pride our professionalism in making our patient's oral health our top priority.
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