Clear Braces San Antonio, TX

For most people, having straight teeth and a beautiful smile does not come naturally. In today’s society, children and teens typically have braces or clear aligners to correct their teeth early on, making them easier to shift.

Traditional metal braces can often be a heavy expense for a family, costing upwards of ten thousand dollars. They are usually worn for several years.

Clear braces or aligners are a much cheaper option than metal braces. They are also an excellent choice for adults because most people feel that braces make us look younger and unprofessional.

Our skilled staff at Advanced Dental Associates can help you with dental exams and cleanings. They will give consultations and fit for clear braces in San Antonio, TX. Clear braces are a cosmetic dentistry treatment we provide to the public in San Antonio. 

Clear Braces in San Antonio, TX

Clear Braces in San Antonio, TX

Cosmetic clear aligners are a unique orthodontic treatment that will correct your smile and straighten your teeth without using metal braces. Typically, treatment consists of wearing a series of multiple clear, removable aligners.

They are virtually invisible because of how tightly the clear aligner fits your teeth. They are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and contain no BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten, which makes them safe for someone facing any of these allergies.

What makes clear aligners a unique product compared to rigid metal braces is that they are made of solid but flexible plastic. When wearing metal braces, you can cut your lips and gums.

You can also break a wire, which can be extremely painful, but with the help of clear aligners, you do not have to worry about the unnecessary pain that comes with braces.

Benefits of Clear Braces

The biggest reason why people prefer clear braces is because they’re discreet. Traditional braces use metal brackets and very obvious wires on your smile. For adults and teens especially, they’re looking for something less noticeable. Clear braces use transparent plastic aligners. Many people can’t even tell you’re wearing them daily.

Unlike braces that you have to wear all hours of the day, every day, clear aligners can be taken out. You can take them out to eat or drink, perform your oral healthcare routine, or even for special occasions. While you must wear them for the bulk of the day to ensure proper treatment, you can still consume your favorite foods and drinks without worrying about the aligners. Taking care of your oral health is also easier when you don’t have to learn to brush and floss around brackets and wires.

Before getting clear aligner treatments, they are trimmed to fit your gum line so you will have the best natural fit to your teeth. Unlike traditional braces, which can harm soft tissue with brackets and wires, the plastic of clear braces is smooth and comfortable. You don’t have to worry about them pinching or irritating your gums or lips.

Treatment with clear braces is often shorter and less expensive than with metal braces. On average, clear braces treatment lasts about 12-18 months.

You don’t have to visit the dentist or orthodontist as much, either. With metal braces, the orthodontist has to tighten the wires each month to move your teeth. You get all of your aligner sets ahead of time, changing them out every 1-2 weeks to further your treatment. It’s only necessary for you to come to the office periodically so we can ensure your treatment is on track.

Caring for Clear Braces

Though they’re easier to care for than traditional braces, you must do it properly so that they’re effective. If you take the aligners out to eat, rinse your mouth with water afterward. You don’t want to get food particles trapped under the braces. You should also try to gently brush your teeth and the aligners before putting them back in your mouth. Whenever you brush, take extra care of the gumline area where the aligners meet, as buildup is common here.

At a minimum, clean your aligners once or twice a day. It’s easiest to just add this as a step when you’re brushing your teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush with nonabrasive toothpaste or mild soap to clean the aligners. This helps you avoid scratching the plastic. Not properly cleaning your aligners leads to buildup and staining. At least once a week, soak them in an aligner cleaner or aligner-safe denture rinse to sanitize them.

Whenever you take your aligners out, ensure that you’re putting them in their case. It’s easy to put them down on a napkin to eat and then accidentally throw them out when you’re done. This ensures you always know where they are and keeps them safe from damage or misplacement.

Though you shouldn’t be eating or drinking with the aligners, certain things can still harm them. If you eat or drink things that contain staining pigment, ensure you’re thoroughly rinsing and cleaning your mouth. Putting the aligners back in right after you consume these things can still stain them.

Straighten Your Smile

Clear aligners offer you many different benefits compared to braces, even though the main idea is to give you the straight teeth you have always wanted.

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