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In the traditional treatment of advanced periodontal (gum) disease, the surgeon uses a scalpel to remove the diseased tissue. The surgeon reflects the tissue from the tooth roots and bone.

Then, they clean the tooth roots, reshape the bone, and complete a bone graft if needed. Then, they suture the gum back in place.

This procedure is called ENAP, an acronym for Excisional New Attachment Procedure. ENAP has a long and uncomfortable healing time due to its invasive nature.

Fortunately, we at Advanced Dental Associates have made an alternative restorative dental care option available to our clients in San Antonio, TX: LANAP®, or laser-assisted new attachment procedure!

LANAP in San Antonio, TX

LANAP® Procedure in San Antonio, TX

LANAP, or Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure, offers minimally invasive treatment for advanced periodontal disease. Light energy selectively removes the diseased tissue instead of a scalpel.

We do not remove the gum tissue or require bone grafting as patients regenerate their bones.

This can save significant expenses for the patient. This minimally invasive technique causes little bleeding. LANAP does not require stitches; the laser reduces healing time and discomfort.

Our Experience

The Periolase used in LANAP is the only laser with proven research and FDA approval. LANAP has been used by dentists worldwide for over twenty-five years. At Advanced Dental Associates, we have been doing the LANAP procedure for twenty years.

Dr. Craig Long has published several articles on LANAP and teaches other doctors the LANAP procedure with Millennium Dental Technologies. He has lectured on LANAP nationally and internationally.

Download the pre-treatment recommendations and post-op diet instructions for LANAP® treatment.

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