Traditional Braces San Antonio, TX

Our dental care team offers traditional metal braces for patients with aesthetic concerns or those needing mild to moderate orthodontic treatment. In some situations, clear aligners are not considered effective, and metal braces are the solution to support a patient’s dental health. We will work with you to determine the best treatment options for your needs and aesthetic goals.

traditional braces in san antonio tx

Braces: what to expect

Traditional braces may be the solution for your dental health needs or cosmetic goals. Traditional metal braces will include the attachment of metal brackets and wires to the teeth to be treated. These are strategically placed according to your unique treatment plan to move teeth into the desired position.

The process starts with an initial consultation and dental impressions. We will create a treatment plan and schedule a visit to place the brackets and wires. Once in place, periodic checkups will monitor progress. The brackets are attached to your teeth using a special non-toxic glue that is cured with a special light. The procedure may feel uncomfortable at times but is generally not painful. We will go over any dietary restrictions that will minimize damage to the braces or increase the risk of tooth decay. Our team will demonstrate how to care for your braces when performing daily oral hygiene at home. 

Are metal braces painful? 

After having metal braces placed on your teeth, it is typical to experience irritation of soft tissues, such as the inside of the cheek, as your mouth gets used to things. Over time this will go away. You may also feel like your teeth are sore or achy for a few days after placement or after we have tightened the wires during a checkup. This is also temporary. 

Are metal braces covered by dental insurance?

We will work with you to determine if your dental insurance has orthodontic benefits. In some cases, orthodontic benefits are limited to traditional braces making this the best choice for a patient. 

How long is treatment with metal braces?

The treatment time for orthodontics will vary for each patient. We will provide the expected treatment time during your consultation, after we have evaluated your needs.