Sedation Dentistry San Antonio, TX

Do you have dental anxiety? Before scheduling a dental appointment, don’t wait until you have a severe toothache. Fortunately, modern dentistry practices use a wide range of anesthetics and painkillers, ensuring that dental treatments are pain-free.

Whether fear comes from concern over sitting still for so long or fear of dental practices, many people require more than local anesthesia to have dental treatment while being calm and relaxed. This practice allows people who suffer from dental anxiety to ease their fear during treatment.

Our caring dentists at Advanced Dental Associates will ensure you are completely relaxed and comfortable during your treatment with sedation dentistry in San Antonio, TX. We use dental sedation to improve the experience of our patients who utilize our cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry treatments and suffer from anxiety.

Dental Sedation in San Antonio, TX

Sedation Dentistry in San Antonio, TX

There are numerous types of sedation dentistry available. When you visit our dentist for comprehensive dentistry, we will examine factors like your oral health requirements and medical history to determine which type of sedation suits you. Here are the different types of sedation dentistry used by our dentists:

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is the most common sedation dentistry dentists use during dental treatment. An inhaler mask is placed over your nose to administer nitrous oxide. You will remain relaxed and be able to reply to the hygienist or dentist during the procedure. You’re aware of everything going on, but in a euphoric, relaxed state.

It takes effect and dissipates quickly, making it the only sedation solution that allows you to drive yourself to and from your appointment. It’s very mild and can be used for procedures on children.

Oral Sedation

This mild form of sedation works perfectly on its own or with nitrous oxide. With this sedation, you will experience a safe, comfortable, and relaxed experience with no anxiety. It is even easier than nitrous oxide as it only involves taking a pill. The goal is not to put the patient to sleep; you will know what is happening.

During the sedation interview, the dentist will discuss which oral medication works perfectly for you, considering the length of your appointment, the dental procedures scheduled, and your medical history. We may use anti-anxiety medication or a different combination to ensure that you get the best sedation option for your care.

The effect lasts multiple hours, so you’ll need a ride to and from your appointment. While you’re still alert and awake, the sedation may cause you to fall asleep during the procedure or experience amnesia for parts of it.

IV Sedation

Intravenous IV sedation is one of the fastest-working sedatives as it involves a needle transferring the solution directly to the bloodstream. Within seconds, you will be at ease and completely relaxed while fully monitored for comfort and safety. You aren’t fully put to sleep, but it’s common to fall asleep throughout the procedure and not remember any of it. We usually reserve this for extensive procedures or severe dental fear.

Who Benefits From Sedation Dentistry?

The most common use for dental sedation is for patients who suffer from dental fear or anxiety. Some patients only fear certain tools or procedures, while others can’t even come into the office. If they’ve avoided the dentist long, they’ll likely develop more serious conditions. Sedation allows them to relax enough to come in for preventative care to avoid invasive procedures due to regular dental care. It also helps us relax patients throughout longer treatment times.

But dental anxiety patients aren’t the only ones that can benefit from sedation. When you have a movement disorder or a child needs an intensive procedure, it’s hard for them to sit still during the whole thing. Dentistry requires sharp tools and precise methods. If you have involuntary movements, it increases the risk of something going wrong. Sedation relaxes these so that you can get treatment safely.

This is the same for patients who have a bad gag reflex. A gag reflex fights the dentist as they try to work in your mouth. It’s also extremely uncomfortable for the patient and can even lead to vomiting if provoked too much. Sedation relaxes these reflexes to make treatment comfortable for both parties.

Sedation is ideal for long procedures or if a patient needs multiple procedures. It’s hard for anyone to sit still in a chair for hours. Sedation relaxes the patient and eliminates the shifting and resituating that comes with impatience or discomfort during long stints in the dental chair.

Receive Comfortable Care

Your dental health is a vital part of your overall health, and it is essential to take time and take care of it so that you do not develop tooth problems or oral diseases.

Visit our dentist for regular cleanings and checkups. Advanced Dental Associates and our team want to ensure you feel safe and comfortable in the dentist’s chair. Call us at (210) 655-2753 to book an appointment.