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At Advanced Dental Associates, we believe in providing quality dental care combined with patient education. This helps us treat problems and ensure that you are in tune with your teeth – home care is important to a healthy mouth!

We love answering questions for our patients, and there are some that we get more frequently. We’ve gathered some of those FAQs from dental patients who visit our San Antonio, TX office here so we can help you more easily and quickly!

Dental FAQs in San Antonio, TX

FAQs in San Antonio, TX

Read answers to common questions many patients have about their oral health: 

Q: There’s a lot wrong with my mouth. Can you help?

If you’re one of the many people with complex dental problems, you’ll be happy to know that we offer a series of procedures known as full-mouth reconstruction.

We create a unique treatment plan specifically for you and complete the work in stages. That minimizes your time commitment and the impact on your finances.

Q: What’s the best way to improve my smile? 

Everyone’s smile needs are different. Today’s dental veneers can provide a comprehensive and affordable smile makeover that conceals many appearance problems. Chips, cracks, deep discolorations, small gaps between teeth, and other smile flaws can vanish.

Q: I have a dental emergency. What should I do?

We know a dental emergency can be scary. Whether you’ve broken or lost a tooth or are suddenly experiencing pain in your mouth, try to stay calm. At Advanced Dental Associates, we are here for you, and we can help.

During business hours, you can call (210) 655-2753. We will do our best to see you the same day. If you have a procedure done with us, you will be given your dentist’s personal cell phone number so you can reach us anytime something pops up.

Q: What is the best toothbrush to use?

When selecting a toothbrush, always go for those with soft bristles. Many patients choose hard bristled brushes only to damage their gums from brushing too hard.

Brushes with small heads are also preferred, as they can reach areas that can be difficult to clean with large brushes. Finding the right toothbrush combined with proper brushing techniques is important to preserving the health of your teeth and gums!

Pairing a soft-bristled brush with proper brushing and daily flossing can keep your teeth clean between professional cleanings. It isn’t hard to do, so build good habits to stay healthy!

  • Place your brush at a 45-degree angle to your gumline.
  • Brush using a back-and-forth motion with strokes about as wide as a single tooth.
  • Brush all the surfaces of your teeth—front, back, and chewing!
  • Take your time—you should brush for approximately two minutes.

You should also replace your toothbrush when wear begins to show, or approximately every three months. Brushing with an old, worn-out brush can be almost completely useless!

Q: I’m scared of the dentist—can you help me get the care I need? 

Being scared of the dentist can often lead to years of missed care. If you’re too frightened to make regular cleanings and routine care appointments, you can end up with problems that only make you more anxious and worried—we can stop that cycle!

At Advanced Dental Associates, we have several sedation options to help you better manage your anxiety and fear about care. Dental sedation is perfectly safe and is becoming increasingly common. We have three levels of sedation you can choose from:

  • Inhaled sedation: “Laughing gas” is a great sedative for short procedures or patients with mild fears. Quick to take effect, it will ease your fears while still allowing you to remain awake and in control.
  • Oral sedation: Delivered in pill form, this level of sedation will put you into a deeper state of relaxation. You’ll still be awake, but your fears will be gone! If you want to try oral sedation, we will ask you to bring a friend who can drive you home.
  • IV sedation: Our highest level of sedation will put you into a “twilight” state, almost like sleep. You’ll be responsive, but you probably won’t remember your appointment. It’s like getting dentistry in your sleep!

We work hard to make every patient’s dental care experience is positive. Don’t hesitate to call us at (210) 655-2753 with any sedation or fear-related questions!

Q: I’m tired of my dentures–what can I do to make them secure?

If you have been wearing dentures for a long time, you might start noticing that they don’t fit as well as they used to. You may be using more denture paste, have irritated gums, or be nervous about your dentures failing in a social situation—all of which can be resolved with implant-supported dentures!

Using a series of dental implants, we can modify your existing dentures to attach to the implants using bars and clasps or balls and sockets! Your dentures will remain removable for cleaning and sleep, but they’ll be firmly in place while worn! You won’t experience any more irritation, gross denture cream, or the inconveniences of traditional dentures.

If you want an even more secure system, we can permanently attach a full-mouth bridge using implants! These amazing all-on-four teeth are just like the real thing! These are not dentures but permanent restorations that are super secure and strong!

Q: I have TMD but don’t want to wear a mouthguard. What can I do?

Wearing a mouthguard can be inconvenient for people suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder. It can be even worse if it has to be worn during the day! We’re proud to offer an amazing alternative for treating your TMD: the TMJ Next Generation!

This unique system works by placing a custom-made device into your ears. It’s small, has an opening so you can hear, and is clear—no one will even notice it! By reinforcing the stability of your ear canal, the TMJ Next Generation has produced amazing results!

The ear canal is the closest point to your temporomandibular joint, and the results from patients using the Next Generation show that stabilizing that area works wonders! Patients have reported lessened or eliminated pain and reductions in other symptoms!

Q: People tell me I snore loudly. What can I do to manage this?

If you hear from your family that you snore so loud you rattle the windows, you could suffer from sleep apnea. While this condition can be dangerous, it can be treated simply using mouthguards and oral appliances!

We offer several options for patients suffering from sleep apnea, each of which can help you breathe easily at night and maybe even eliminate a CPAP machine! We can partner with a physician to help arrange a sleep study, and with the results, we can plan treatment for you that will help you and your family sleep easily!

The mouthguards we prescribe will keep your jaw in the perfect position, allowing a free flow of oxygen throughout the night. Blockage and snoring will be a thing of the past!

Q: My gums are bleeding…what should I do?

Bleeding or swollen gums are, unfortunately, the first sign of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Gum disease is an adult’s biggest cause of tooth loss, so you need to address this problem quickly. At Advanced Dental Associates, we’ve invested time and technology into offering patients with gum disease comfortable laser dentistry.

With the laser, you don’t have to “go under the knife” again because the laser evaporates the infection from the gums and helps the teeth and gums naturally re-attach. Laser dentistry is painless and leads to a fast recovery time, and best of all, it kills bacteria and keeps your teeth and gums healthy!

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