Dental Implant Procedure San Antonio, TX

Dental implants are high-quality restorations that replace one or more teeth at the root. We want patients to understand what happens during the dental implant procedure in our San Antonio, TX office to understand better how implant dentistry can benefit them.

Implant Procedure in San Antonio, TX

Dental Implant Procedure in San Antonio, TX

When replacing a single missing tooth, we will use a titanium implant post and access the jaw bone beneath the gums to place the implant. The multiple-tooth implant procedure follows the same timeline as a single-tooth implant procedure, and the steps are broadly the same, with only a few differences.

The first process is extracting the root and preparing the jaw for the implant. Often, the two are done on the same day if there are no complications. The jaw heals so the bone may firmly fuse with the implant to create a sturdy anchor for the bridge.

The healing period varies with the number of implants and bone density. It takes longer for the upper jaw to heal, which may take up to 16 weeks. The lower jaw can heal in around ten weeks.

Then, the dentist will call the patient for regular visits to track the progress and ensure no infections or issues with the temporary crown. Once the bone heals, the dentist reopens the gum to place the abutment over the implant. Then, they let the gum heal before securing the bridge and sealing it permanently.

When the dentist feels like the gum is about to heal and is ready for the implants, they will have the lab prepare the bridge. The securing of the bridge marks the end of the implant procedure.

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