Emergency Dentist San Antonio, TX

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. It’s important to be prepared and handle them properly so that we can treat them quickly and efficiently. We offer emergency dentistry as one of our general dental services. If you think you’re experiencing an emergency, call our office immediately.emergency dental care in san antonio, texas

Emergency Dental Care in San Antonio, TX

A dental emergency is anything that needs to be taken care of immediately. You can’t wait for your bi-annual visit to our dentist office. Even if you’re in optimal oral health, you can still experience an emergency. However, those with good oral healthcare routines experience emergencies less frequently.

While it’s hard to do, it’s crucial that you stay calm in the event of a dental emergency. Try to be as level-headed as possible. If you break a tooth or do a dental restoration, do your best to collect the pieces to bring them to our office. If there’s blood, try to get the bleeding under control. Once you have the situation secure, call our office so that we can provide the proper treatment.

Like normal dental care, our emergency treatment plan will be unique to fit your needs. No two dental emergencies are alike. The severity of your tooth break can be completely different than the last patient we saw with one. Sometimes, we’ll have to schedule upcoming services to complete treatment, while at other times, we can complete it in this single office visit.

Common Dental Emergencies

There are multiple types of dental emergencies. These are some of the most common emergencies we treat in our office.

Tooth Pain

This is by far the most common dental emergency. There are multiple types of tooth pain, all of which can indicate different problems. It’s important that you come into our office for diagnosis and treatment. Using years of training and dental technology, we can pinpoint exactly what the problem is so that we can provide effective treatment. Severe issues like abscesses or infections can cause issues in other areas of the body, so we need to get them under control.

No matter what kind of pain you feel, pay attention to it. Pain is a signal that something isn’t right in your smile. You should never brush it off as minor when it could be serious.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you experience trauma to your mouth, a knocked-out tooth is a real possibility. This is especially true if you play contact sports without a mouthguard. This is one of the hardest emergencies to stay calm during, but it’s important. Try to locate the tooth and gently rinse off any dirt or debris. Place it in a cup of milk or saliva to keep the tooth viable for placement back in your mouth. We’ll analyze the tooth when you get to our office. If it isn’t viable for replacement, we have multiple tooth replacement solutions available.

Broken or Chipped Tooth

Small chips to a tooth are common, and you may not even notice them. But a bigger break needs attention. A large tooth break can expose the dental pulp and nerves, causing pain and discomfort. Exposed dental pulp is easier to infect, too. If the pulp gets infected, we must perform a root canal to salvage the structure.

Depending on how it breaks, the tooth can also endanger the soft structures in your mouth. Sharp edges can cut the cheek or tongue while eating and speaking. We want to protect your mouth’s dental pulp and soft tissues. If you can, bring in the portion of the tooth that broke off so we can examine it.

Broken or Lost Dental Restoration

The umbrella of dental restorations encompasses everything from a full denture to a dental filling. They’re in your mouth to ensure that it can function properly. Losing or breaking one of these restorations means you may be unable to eat or speak regularly.

If this happens, try to retrieve the dental restoration or its pieces so we can examine them at our office. We’ll determine if we can repair the restoration or if it’s best to replace it with something completely new.

The Importance of Emergency Dentistry

It’s essential that you don’t wait and get emergency care as soon as possible. If you ignore dental emergencies, you’re more likely to experience complications or more extensive dental problems. For example, if pain turns out to be an abscess or infection, it can cause fevers and other issues that can impact your entire body. Emergency care allows us to aid the pain and stop the problem before it gets any worse for you.

Call our Office Immediately

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, call our office right away. If you need regular dental care or are looking for a quality dentist in San Antonio, call us or schedule a consultation online.