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All on 4 Dental Implants in San Antonio, TX

Rendered image of all on 4 from Advanced Dental Associates in San Antonio, TXThe All on 4 is a restorative treatment we provide to permanently retain a patient’s denture to their jaw bone. Many implant retained options can take months of planning and preparation, but the All on 4 system is completed in one office visit. Known as an immediate load full-arch prosthesis, the patient can leave with a full set of teeth that will stay permanently in place. At Advanced Dental Associates, we can help you understand your options and discuss treatments, having functional teeth is a valuable asset.

Missing teeth and wearing a loose denture is a dramatic change of life. It forces a patient to be cautious of what they eat, changes in their speech, discomfort from shifting or rocking on your gums, and the possibility of embarrassment. Having your denture retained with implants can provide you with dentures that work and feel like your own natural teeth.

Dental implants provide the gift of forgetting that you're wearing a denture at all. Using the All on 4 system we can provide you stabilized dentures in one office visit.

Stability Even with Minimum Bone Mass

Having your denture retained with implants is a fantastic option, it elevates your function, makes it easier to speak and keeps your dentures where they belong, in your mouth. The difficult part is that most implant options, such as the bar implant retained overdenture and the ball implant retained overdenture require a specific amount of bone mass to stabilize. This means that many patients have to have a bone graft procedure and then wait months for the bone to grow. The All on 4 treatment doesn’t require a bone graft, saving months of healing.

The All on 4 system retains your denture with implants that are longer, designed to reach denser bone. Along with the added length, the implant is placed at an angled tilt, increasing their stability.

San Antonio, TX woman smiling about her All on 4 implant dentures.

Surgical Procedure

Depending on the information gathered during your treatment planning, we will use between four and six implants to secure your denture to your jaw. The placement of implants is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is completed in our office. It is a procedure that is approved for patients who are medically delicate, but does require that the patient is able to heal at a reasonable rate. We will want to review your medical history prior to surgery. In most cases, we are able to work with the patient and their personal physician to help them meet the necessary criteria.

Before surgery begins, we will first ensure that the patient is comfortable. We offer both local anesthetics along with several conscious sedatives to assist with any discomfort.
The surgical process has already been precisely mapped using the NobelGuide, which ensures accurate diagnostics, planning, and implant placement.

Following placement, we will provide you with care and cleaning instructions. You will want to be aware of any signs of infection, as well as unusual symptoms such as excessive bleeding. Eating with your new implant retained dentures will be a slow process, you will need to chew soft foods for several months while the bone heals. After healing, your new teeth will increasingly feel much more natural and like your own.

For more information on fixed dentures, or the All-on-4 Treatment Concept, contact our San Antonio office at (210) 714-5589.
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At Advanced Dental Associates, we can help you replace an entire arch of missing teeth with the All on 4 Treatment Concept. Call or visit to learn more today!
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