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Oral Piercings That Become Infected Can Drastically Impact a Healthy Mouth

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Advanced Dental Associates
Oral Piercings That Become Infected Can Drastically Impact a Healthy MouthOne of the most dangerous forms of self-expression is an oral piercing. The combination of the harmful particles in the mouth, the additional damage inflicted by a piercing, and the introduction of jewelry into the mouth can lead to lethal infections throughout the entire body. Our team strongly urges our patients to reconsider before undergoing any oral piercings.

Oral Threats Introduced by Oral Piercings and Jewelry

The jewelry itself can cause damage to the teeth when a patient either scrapes the jewelry against the teeth or bites the jewelry. The jewelry can also damage gums when a patient rubs the jewelry against the gums. Getting one's tongue pierced can cause damage to the taste buds and loss of sensitivity. The mere introduction of an oral piercing can be a gateway to infections for the entire body due to the harmful bacteria in the mouth, invading the oral cavity, as well as any external bacteria from the oral jewelry being introduced into the mouth and body. Jewelry that becomes loose or dislodged could pose a choking hazard. Finally, patients with allergies to metals in oral jewelry could expose themselves to a variety of allergic reactions.

Maintenance for an Oral Piercing

Do not eat or perform any strenuous activity without removing all oral jewelry first. After every meal, rinse with fluoridated water or mouthwash, and brush jewelry before placing it back in the mouth. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily become even more important due to the extra bacteria introduced by the jewelry. Repair or replace any loose or damaged jewelry immediately. And contact our office or your primary care professional at the first sign of infection.
If you already have an oral piercing – or if you decide to get oral piercings despite the risks – it is imperative that you have excellent oral hygiene to prevent damage and infection. Contact our office for a consultation so we can set up an oral health plan that suits your needs.
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